New Learners Support

Up to $300 Per club per annum on application 

This grant is available to all clubs and can be used for subsidising advertising and stationery/other costs for beginners lessons. 

Tutor payments are not part of this grant

Apply using the coaching grant form


Coaching Grant

Available for 

Improvers, Directors and  Youth Lessons 

All Coaching Grants are for payment of expenses only, excluding Tutorial Fees.

Further Details 

Regional Congress Support

From 2022 Sponsorship of $1000 For Taranaki  and Hawkes Bay Congresses 

Payment will be made to the congress committee 

Fullerton Teams and Zelda Morris Sponsorship

$500 Sponsorship  for each event

Paid directly to the club by the CD Committee

Sponsorship to Congress

$150 Sponsorship for 2 people to go to congress  

Further Details 

IPs Sponsorship

Travel is covered by NZBridge 

Fair and reasonable  accommodation costs covered up to a maximum as decided from year to year based on the location of the IPs 

Youth Bridge

$500 is available to sponsor 50% of Entry Fees to Tournaments played in the Central Districts Region.  Application to be made to the regional secretary post-tournament with details of tournaments played.

Teachers Conference

$ 4200 available. This is to provide each club with at least a $200 subsidy per Teacher for travel to a teaching Seminar

This will allow up to 21 Teachers from the region to go.

Apply on the coaching grant form

Regional Conferences

Where CD runs these costs of travel for 1 car at current government rates will be paid to each club attending 

Directors Courses

CD will cover the costs of running club Directors Courses in Hawkes Bay and Central regions. Travel, accommodation, Law books and Manual are not included. 


CD will assist with travel and accommodation costs for the Tournament Directors seminars. 

Junior Intermediate Ladders

$500 in Prize money shared  over the top 5 placings  for each Ladder

Further information

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