Intermediate Championships

Central Districts

Intermediate Championships 2023

 For 2023 the region has provided $500 Prize money to be shared over the top 5 placings

This year the Regional Committee is nominating the tournaments that will be eligible for gaining points

·         Only Intermediate and combined Junior/intermediate standard pairs tournaments held within the Central Districts region will apply as listed below

·         The regional committee will collate the scores

·         The scores will be collated from the top six overall placings in a tournament

o   1st 6 points 2nd 5 points 3rd 4 points 4th 3 points 5th 2 points 6th 1 point

·         Intermediate Congress Pairs events at the Taranaki and Hawkes Bay regional Congresses will count for Double points as below in bold

o   1st 12 points 2nd 10 points 3rd 8 points 4th 6 points 5th 4 points 6th 2 points

·         To qualify for points you must be a member of a Central Districts Club, however, you may play with players from other regions. They will not be eligible for the championships

·         The  5 top player will share prize money of $500

·         A ladder will be posted on the CD Website

Intermediate Tournaments that apply


Taradale Intermediate Pairs (Sat)



Taranaki Congress Intermediate /Junior Pairs (Mon)

New Plymouth


Palmerston North Intermediate Pairs (Sat)

Palmerston North


Wanganui Intermediate Pairs (Sun)



Napier Intermediate Pairs (Sun)



Hokowhitu Intermediate Pairs (Sun)



Waipukurau Intermediate Pairs (Sat)



Taihape Intermediate/Junior Pairs (Sun)



Hawke's Bay Congress Intermediate Pairs (Sat)

Hawke's Bay


Levin Intermediate Pairs (Sun)



Dannevirke Intermediate/Junior Pairs (Sat)



Hawera Intermediate/Junior Pairs (Sun)



New Plymouth Intermediate/Junior Pairs (Sat)

New Plymouth


Havelock North Intermediate Pairs (Sun)

Havelock North


Feilding Intermediate Pairs (Sat)



Hastings Intermediate Pairs (Sat)



Progress Ladder 27 September 2023


Name  Club  Accumulated Points 
Carol Dickson Feilding 34
Barb Robinson Feilding 34
Garry Hodge Palmerston North 27
Paul Orsborn Feilding 24
Deane Skelton New Plymouth 23
John Warner New Plymouth 16
Pamela Jensen New Plymouth 15
Pamela Ballantyne Waipukurau 15
Jeremy Ballantyne Waipukurau 15
Martin Berry Hawera 13
Sue Kay Havelock North 12
Michael Hardman Palmerston North 11
Lindy Macdiarmid New Plymouth 10
Gabrielle Marsters New Plymouth 10
Bev Colville Palmerston North 10
Sue Parker Palmerston North 10
Rohan Wewala Hokowhitu 10
Barbara Twyford Napier 10
Erica Pearson Napier 10
Penny Cooper Napier 10
Janise Gray Hawera 10
Amanda Bublitz Hawera 10
Anne Putt Hawera 10
Hans Van Bunnik Palmerston North 9
Mandy Jones Feilding 9
Shirley Humphrey Feilding 9
Trish Murphy Hastings 8
Christine Moffett Hastings 8
Tony White Hastings 8
Alistair James Palmerston North 8
Cindy Lowndes Palmerston North 8
Diane Waite Hawera 8
Justine Hart Hawera 8
Sylvia Brown Napier 7
Anne Dempsey Taradale 7
Dianne Hunter Palmerston North 6
Betty McLaughlin Palmerston North 6
Helen Carryer New Plymouth 6
Diane Pye Napier 6
Phillippa Gardiner Napier 6
Rachael Knight Napier 6
Janine Fenelon New Plymouth 6
Henny French Napier 6
Rae Lutman Waikanae 6
Adrienne Dale Waikanae 6
Campbell Priest New Plymouth 6
Catherine Gabites  New Plymouth 6
Bridget Willcox Napier 5
Holger Henze Napier 5
David Berry  (Jun) Whanganui 5
Colin Pepperell Whanganui 5
Sandy Davies Levin 5
Andeana Pilalis Levin 5
Lois Harrop New Plymouth 5
Lois Cleaver New Plymouth 5
Eric Flesch Dannevirke 5
Mary Sanders Dannevirke 5
Paul Fitzgibbons New Plymouth 5
Jim Brown Taradale 4
Dennis Price Wanganui 4
Judy Newman Wanganui 4
Jennie Turbitt Napier 4
Sue Walters Hastings 4
Humphrey Symons Hastings 4
Allan Mudford Palmerston North 4
Elizabeth Nelson Waikpukurau 4
Barrie Herbison Waipukurau 4
Jill Burroughs Hawera 4
Bart Klumpers Hastings 4
Owen Trimmer Hastings 4
Gideon du Preez Hastings 4
Masami Ozawa (Jun) Napier 3
Mike J Smith Taradale 3
Robyn Andersen Taradale 3
Toby Schweikert Taihape 3
Lesley Keuning Taihape 3
Barry George Napier 3
Jan Hawkins New Plymouth 3
Sheree Robbertsen New Plymouth 3
Bernie Schroder Hastings 3
Annette Weaver New Plymouth 3
Audrey Young New Plymouth 3
Clodagh Norris Taradale 3
Jillian Ramsey Havelock North 2
Bev Penney Hastings 2
Tony Fayerman Palmerston North 2
Trish Peters Waipukurau 2
Veronica Sigley Whanganui 2
Joy Minchington Whanganui 2
Helen Smith Levin 2
Sue Staples Levin 2
Paul Whittle Stratford 2
Mara Robinson Hawera 2
Jenness Clark Hastings 2
Caroline Kirkpatrick Gisborne 2
Pippa Williams Gisborne 2
Julie Bunnell Hokowhitu 2
Dean Francis Napier 1
Linda McKennie Waipukurau 1
Philippa Nott Waipukurau 1
Rosie Austin Whanganui 1
Kelli-Ann McIlraith (Jun) Whanganui 1
Maxine Keay Palmerston North 1
Bruce Annear Wanganui 1
John Botting Wanganui 1
Lorraine Crofskey Stratford 1
Ian Greenbank Stratford 1
Godfrey Prenter Dannevirke 1
Barbara Christian (J) Dannevirke 1
Clare Martin Hawera 1
Betty Smith New Plymouth 1
Keith Bown Waipukurau 0


Intermediate Ladder as at 19 June 

Intermediate ladder as at 27/9/23 (excel)

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