Welcome to the DAN GIFFORD RUBBER BRIDGE Competition for 2021

CLOSING DATE 26th February

FORMAT:  This is a knockout competition.   The winners will be the last ones standing!!   Matches will be played at a venue agreed between the competitors for rounds 1 – 4.   This can be in your home or Bridge Club.   If a venue cannot be agreed upon please contact a Committee member who will decide or toss a coin.

LENGTH OF MATCHES:   Matches will be of 30 boards.   You are reminded that ALL hands are dealt at the table.   A passed in hand constitutes a deal.

INCOMPLETE RUBBERS:    If only one side has a game they will be credited with 300 points.   If only one side has a part-score in an incomplete game they will receive 50 points.

TIE-BREAKS:   Ties at the end of a match will be broken by successive 2-board playoffs.

SYSTEMS ALLOWED:   As per the NZ Bridge Manual Rules, Only systems playable in a Junior tournament are permissible.   Please take a manual with you in case of any disputes.

 THE DRAW:     

Round 1        by Tuesday 2 April

Round 2        by Tuesday 30 April

Round 3        by Tuesday 28 May

Round  4       by Tuesday 25 June

Round  5       by Tuesday 23 July

Round  6       by Tuesday 13 August

RESULTS:   After a match has been played please forward your Official Score Sheet, to Francey Rolls by emailing to cdregion@nzbridge.nz

Matches WILL default if results not received within one week of Round completion date.   NO EXCEPTIONS.

TRAVEL:   The committee has looked at the cost of running this competition across the region and has decided against implementing an entry fee. Instead, travel allowance will only be available if there is an east/west playoff at the rate of $15 per hour of return travel.

NATIONALS:  The winning pair of our competition will represent this Centre at the National Finals at Congress.   The Centre with the largest entry number will receive a second entry.   Should we qualify for a second entry (this will be known before we get to our finals) our finalists will both be entered in the Dan Gifford Competition.

Good bridging everyone!!

Rubber Bridge Regulations 19 June 2015

Rubber Bridge Entry Form 2021(word)



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