Congratulations to the Central Districts Team for the 2021 IPs

Congratulations to the Central Districts Team for the IPs
Open Wayne Burrows, Bob Hurley, Jack James, Pam Livingstone
Senior Noel Woodhall, Peter Ramsey, Robyn Nightingale, Don Nightingale
Women Lorraine Stachurski, Carolyn Yeomans, Sarah Green, Jan Whyte,
Intermediate Megan Eddy, Bridget Willcox, Laura Griffin, Tony Clear

Welcome to The Central Districts Regional Committee

Central Districts Regional Bridge is run by a Regional Committee (see current members).

The functions of the Regional Committee are to:

  • Provide a local link between Clubs and the National Body
  • Co-ordinate the activities of Clubs by arranging Tournament schedules, in conjunction with NZ Bridge, InterClub play, etc
  • Arrange Teams and organise Tournaments for events such as the Regional Interprovincial Teams Trials
  • Provide a source of experienced advice to assist any Club that may request such advice
  • Provide a unified body for the promotion of the game in a regional context
  • Conduct Regional Tournaments
  • Organise and promote Rubber Bridge Competition
  • Encouraging clubs to access the Coaching Grant to help further improve bridge in our region

The Regional Committee does not aim to arrange or organise bridge at the individual club level.


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Learn to play Bridge

Most Bridge Clubs in the region are offering lessons in how to play this great game 

Further information can be found on the Learn to play bridge page  

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