Coaching Grant


The annual financial assistance, e.g. “Coaching Grants”, “Bridge in Schools” and “Tertiary Colleges Grants” are determined and authorised by individual Regional Committees from an annual allocation from NZ Bridge. Each Regional Committee will determine Grants to Regional Clubs in accordance with the following criteria.

1. Coaching Grants are to cover:-

 Beginners Lessons (See New Learners Support)

  • Improvers’ Lessons
  • Directors’ Lessons
  • Youth Lessons

Any requests that fall outside of these Criteria will be considered by the Board on application from a Regional Committee.

2. Schools and Tertiary College Grants have a separate Application Form which when received by a Regional Committee are submitted to NZ Bridge for consideration.

 3. All Coaching Grants are for payment of expenses only, excluding Tutorial Fees.

Application Process:-

  •  A Club must complete and submit an Application From before starting the Course
  •  The Regional Committee advises of its decision to accept/decline the Application
  •  The Club commences the Course
  •  The Club ensures all receipts for Stationery, Venue Hire etc are collected

On completion of the Course:-

  •   The Tutor completes the Evaluation Form
  •  The Club completes its Expenses Form
  •  The Club submits the Evaluation Form, Expenses Form & all relevant Invoices to the Regional Committee at the address on the Evaluation Form
  •  Where appropriate a GST Tax Invoice should be submitted by those Clubs registered for GST

4. Where applicable travel Costs for “out of town” Tutors will be paid at $0.50 cents per km – this reimbursement does not apply to return journeys of less than 20kms.

5. The financial year is from 1st April to 31st March the following year.

6. Each Regional Committee will advise the NZ Bridge Board by 15th April of the following year of any money from the allocation, not used in the previous financial year. Soon after that date, NZ Bridge will replenish the fund to a total of $1000.00 for each Region.

In order to provide certainty of the amount of grant each Region will receive, the Board has agreed it will not withdraw or change the rate of Coaching Grant to Regions without giving 12 months’ notice in writing of its intention to do so.

7. Regions are able to pay in excess of the $1,000 amount for Coaching Grants by using their own funds.

 Forms Annexed to this Policy

  1. Coaching Grant Application Form (pDF
  2. Coaching Grant Application Form(word)
  3.  Schools & Tertiary Grant Application Form
  4. Coaching Grant Evaluation Form
  5. Coaching Grant Expenses Form
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